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Natalie Mathews

Family Law
Stewart Law Group
Phoenix, Arizona, 85012

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About Natalie Mathews

Family law attorney Natalie L. Mathews had been in practice for 17 years when she joined Stewart Law Group as a partner in 2021. She’s high energy but reserved and a keen observer.

Natalie brings zealous advocacy and compassion to every client’s legal matter, whether the case is straightforward or complex. Always eager to collaborate, she loves brainstorming with colleagues – exchanging ideas and sharing professional experiences – in a concerted effort to help clients by implementing winning legal strategies and litigation tactics. A proponent of settlement whenever it’s possible, Natalie’s creative legal mind is always working on outside-the-box solutions to clients’ problems.

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Stewart Law Group
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202 E Earll Dr
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Phoenix, Arizona, 85012
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