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Wrongful Death Lawsuits in Arizona

If you’ve lost a loved one, the pain can be unsurmountable. But the tragedy can be compounded if your loved one’s death was preventable—if it only happened due to...

Posted 05/27/2022 by Scott Stewart

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Military Divorce in Arizona

Ask any of the almost 19,000 active service members and 15,000 reservists who live in Arizona, and they’ll tell you: Military service can be valuable and rewarding, but it’s...

Posted 05/24/2022 by Fred Ruotolo

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Gray Divorce

“ Gray divorce ” is a term to describe divorces for married couples aged 50 and older. And while divorce in younger populations has been on the decline,  the number...

Posted 05/18/2022 by Amy Dohrendorf

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Probate Litigation in Arizona

For those grieving a deceased family member, the reality that a loved one is gone is often hard to fathom. And many are stunned again when they realize they must set aside their grief...

Posted 05/17/2022 by Brian Winter

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Truck Accidents

In light of an increasing truck driver shortage, in December 2021, Arizona’s Department of Transportation took several steps to make it easier for commercial drivers to receive...

Posted 05/17/2022 by Scott Stewart

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Arizona Professional License Defense

There are dozens of occupations and professions in Arizona that require licenses. While many of these are health-related—such as doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, psychologists,...

Posted 05/13/2022 by Colin Bell

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