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Is Marijuana Still Illegal in Arizona?

Is it legal to use marijuana in Arizona? This seems like it should be a straightforward yes–or–no question, but the current state of the law is surprisingly complicated....

Posted 06/23/2022 by Scott Stewart

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Dividing Retirement Benefits After Divorce in Arizona

Divorce is a complicated process, emotionally, legally, and financially. Even when amicable, a dissolution of marriage demands a sophisticated separation of assets and requires...

Posted 06/23/2022 by Amy Dohrendorf

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No-Contact Motorcycle Accidents in Myrtle Beach

Far too often do motorcyclists get blamed for crashes they are involved in. There are thousands of accidents involving motorcycles every year, and it seems as if the individuals driving...

Posted 06/17/2022 by Justin Lovely

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Arizona Annulments

Family law is often more complicated than people imagine. But when it comes to the topic of annulments, people seem even more confused about annulments than other types of family...

Posted 06/16/2022 by Natalie Mathews

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Arizona Expungements— Changing Laws to Change Lives

In certain states, such as California, there are ways to “expunge” a criminal record. For those whose records are expunged, in these states, the violation isn’t...

Posted 06/16/2022 by Colin Bell

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Probate Administration: What You Need to Know

As you mourn a loved one, you must also be wondering about “probate,” the process of resolving a decedent’s estate. Perhaps you were named in a will. Maybe you were...

Posted 06/09/2022 by Brian Winter

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