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Tricia Dunlap

Business Law
Dunlap Law PLC
Richmond, Virginia, 23231

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Monday to Friday 9 AM–5 PM
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Dunlap Law PLC
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211 Rocketts Way
Richmond, Virginia, 23231
United States

About Tricia Dunlap

Dunlap Law is a business law firm that specializes in providing legal assistance to small business owners across the nation. Our objective is to help protect the interests and rights of your small business with strategic planning and well-reasoned judgments. Our team of dedicated business attorneys in Richmon, VA, spends significant time understanding the holistic view of your business mission and the milestones you desire to achieve in the future before planning and framing approaches for all your legal concerns. We offer legal assistance to help navigate the complexity of different aspects of the corporate and business law system.

Whether you are looking for a trademark attorney or business lawyer in Richmond, VA, Dunlap Law covers everything for you. Dunlap Law is the one-stop solution for all your ‘business law near me’ concerns and requirements. To hire the best business lawyer in Virginia, call us at 804-931-1158.  

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