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Posted 01/09/2024 in Car Accident by Erik Abrahamson

Who is Responsible for an Uber Accident in Florida?

Who is Responsible for an Uber Accident in Florida?

While Uber’s recent safety report focused solely on fatalities, revealing 42 deaths in the US in 2020, it’s crucial to recognize the broader impact of rideshare services on road safety. The report’s exclusive focus on fatalities provides just a fraction of the larger picture. A study referenced by the American Association for the Advancement of Science previously hinted at a potential 3% increase in traffic fatalities due to rideshare services. For instance, in Florida alone, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) documented a staggering 340,000 crashes in 2020. By applying this insight to FLHSMV's figures, it's estimated that approximately 10,200 crashes in Florida involved ride-sharing services such as Uber in 2020. Despite the absence of concrete numbers, victims of accidents involving Uber often wonder whether or not they will be able to receive an Uber accident settlement that will pay for their medical costs and damages. 

In the aftermath of a Florida car accident involving an Uber, there’s a common misconception that Uber will seamlessly cover all medical expenses and damages, often placing automatic blame on the Uber driver. However, this assumption frequently proves untrue. While genuine victims of Uber car accidents in Florida have a right to pursue an Uber car accident settlement, establishing fault in these incidents is rarely one-sided. Determining liability is a complex process that involves various factors, and it's crucial to recognize that assigning fault in such accidents isn't automatically assigned solely to the Uber driver.

Is Determining Liability Necessary For A Florida Uber Accident Settlement?

In Florida Uber car accidents, establishing liability isn't always immediately necessary due to the state's no-fault coverage insurance requirements. Under this framework, victims initially pursue compensation for damages and injuries through their personal insurance providers. Florida mandates proof of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Property Damage Liability (PDL) insurance for vehicles with at least four wheels. PIP covers 80% of reasonable medical expenses up to $10,000, irrespective of fault. Meanwhile, PDL addresses property damage caused by the insured vehicle, regardless of the driver at fault. However, there are exceptions to this approach.

When car accident damages surpass the maximum coverage provided by the insurance policy, severe injuries are not covered under PIP, including:

  • Broken bones

  • Internal bleeding

  • Paralysis

  • Death

When injuries and medical bills account for more than the PIP coverage allows, individuals must turn to seek compensation from the company or the driver’s insurance. However, if the negligent individual involved was driving during the Uber accident and was working at that time, their personal insurance company might deny the claim, adding complexity to the situation.

In scenarios where insurance coverage falls short or claims are denied, determining fault in the accident becomes pivotal to seek compensation beyond what PIP and PDL cover. This involves identifying the party or parties responsible for the accident and pursuing compensation from them or their insurance provider to address the extensive damages incurred, including those that exceed the limitations of the no-fault coverage system. 

A Florida car accident lawyer plays a crucial role in determining fault in an Uber car accident by utilizing their knowledge and experience to analyze the Florida police report and establish liability accurately. These legal professionals have the ability to fluidly navigate the complexities of such cases, initiating Uber injury claims and advocating for their client's rights to secure the Uber car accident settlement they deserve. They diligently defend their client's interests, ensuring they receive fair compensation while navigating the intricate legal processes involved in these incidents.

What Do I Do If I Am Injured As An Uber Passenger?

If you're a passenger of an Uber that was involved in a Florida Uber accident, taking swift action is the best way to ensure you will be fully compensated. Priority one should always be seeking immediate medical attention post-accident. Being evaluated by a doctor as soon as possible not only safeguards your health but also substantiates any claims for compensation. Should ongoing medical care be recommended, it is recommended to follow through diligently until you're fully recovered or released from care by your medical providers.

The next biggest priority you should have after being injured as a passenger in an Uber accident is to seek the assistance of a Florida Uber accident lawyer. A seasoned Florida accident attorney specializes in: 

  • Investigating the accident

  • Gathering evidence

  • Advocating for their clients 

While adhering to medical advice is vital for recovery, preserving evidence supporting the driver's liability is equally critical. Obtaining copies of the police report, billing statements, medical records, and other pertinent documents related to the accident is pertinent to substantiating your Uber claim. A Florida Uber accident attorney can assess these records to determine their admissibility as evidence in your case. These measures significantly bolster the chances of securing rightful compensation for your injuries and losses.

What Compensation Can I Recover In An Uber Accident Settlement?

In a Florida Uber accident settlement, the compensation recovered can encompass various significant costs incurred based on the severity of the accident's impact. Initially, filing a claim through Florida's no-fault insurance requirements aids in recovering expenses including: 

  • Medical bills

  • Property damage

  • Lost wages

  • Temporary transportation 

However, if the damages exceed the coverage provided by personal car insurance, seeking compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance policy becomes essential. This avenue allows for the recovery of broader costs, including: 

  • Anticipated future medical expenses

  • Diminished earning capacity

  • Compensation for pain and suffering

  • Compensation for wrongful death

  • Punitive damages in some rare cases

Deciding whether to pursue additional compensation hinges on the severity of injuries and their long-term impact. For severe injuries prohibiting a return to work or in cases of losing a loved one due to an Uber car accident, exploring third-party claims or filing a wrongful death claim becomes a plausible course of action, often requiring the expertise of an Uber accident lawyer to navigate the complexities involved.

Contact A Florida Uber Accident Lawyer Near You

If you've sustained injuries in an Uber accident in Florida, connecting with an Uber accident lawyer stands as the surest path to securing the Uber accident settlement you deserve. These dedicated legal professionals possess the expertise needed to navigate the complexities of such cases. A knowledgeable attorney will not only file an Uber injury claim on your behalf but also protect your rights throughout the entire legal process. Their commitment ensures that your case is thoroughly advocated for, allowing you to focus on your recovery while they skillfully pursue the compensation you deserve.

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