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Bronxworkers Complaw

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Katz & Cruz Bronx Workers Compensation Firm
Bronx, New York, 10453


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Katz & Cruz Bronx Workers Compensation Firm
1963 Grand Concourse
Bronx, New York, 10453
United States

About Bronxworkers Complaw

Katz & Cruz Bronx Workers Compensation Firm is one of the top rated workers comp law firms in NYC. Based in the West Bronx, we work with clients who were injured on the job no matter from what profession. We have experience in the construction industry, slip and falls, chemical injuries, you name it and we have done it. Based only on contingency, meaning you only pay when we win. There is no need to start worrying about being able to afford an attorney after an injury, when you have greater priorities. Call us for a  free consultation and we can discuss your case, and see what were the conditions surrounding the injury. We have won compensation for clients ranging from Pelham Bay to Riverdale, Fordham, Concourse, & Kingsbridge, and we can win for you too. Don’t hesitate as there is a limit on how long after the injury you are able to file, visit us today and contact us at:   

Katz & Cruz Bronx Workers Compensation Firm 1963 Grand Concourse 1st Fl #AA Bronx, NY 10453 (718) 269-3881 https://bronxworkerscomplaw.com/.

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