Myrtle Beach Bike Week: How to Stay Safe When Riding in Groups | By Justin Lovely
Posted 09/09/2022 in Personal Injury by Justin Lovely

Myrtle Beach Bike Week: How to Stay Safe When Riding in Groups

Myrtle Beach Bike Week: How to Stay Safe When Riding in Groups

Myrtle Beach Bike Week is quickly approaching, with less than three weeks to prepare. More than 400,000 motorcyclists take to the streets of Myrtle Beach twice a year and come together to enjoy all the full-filled events that take place during the week. 

Every year, so many people attend Myrtle Beach Bike Week that safety is a major concern. Following all safety guidelines is a must, otherwise, someone's experience may be ruined. This event is meant for fun and friendship, so following all safety guidelines is imperative. Safety is not taken lightly with motorcycles, since helmets and extra padding are usually all that riders are protected by. The consequences of motorcycle accidents can be severe or even fatal. In order to keep everyone safe during Myrtle Beach Bike Week, here are the top ways to practice safety while riding in a group of motorcyclists.  

What Is Myrtle Beach Bike Week?

Myrtle Beach Bike Week is hosted twice a year along the Grand Strand of South Carolina. One event takes place in the spring, and the second occurs at the end of September every year. Much like Sturgis, riders from all over the country travel to enjoy the festivities that take place at Myrtle Beach Bike Week. The rally is a week-long event, with many vendors and lots of friendly faces. This motorcycle rally is a fun-filled event for all with upwards of 400,000 people in attendance, and it has been held every year since 1940!  Whether you are going to the spring or fall event, there is sure to be many friendships to either rekindle or be made while riding along the scenic coastline during this amazing adventure. Events during MBBW can include concerts, parties, and street festivals. 

Safety Tips For Riding A Motorcycle In A Group

When attending Myrtle Beach Bike Week there are many groups of motorcyclists that take to the road to enjoy the beautiful weather. It’s essential that all motorcyclists know how to safely operate their motorcycles while riding in a big group to ensure the safety of everyone on the road. Here are the top ways a motorcyclist can practice safety skills while riding in a group. 

  • Be Prepared Before Riding - All riders should inspect every aspect of their motorcycle before they ride to ensure everything is working properly. They should also make sure they have a full tank of gas and carry a cell phone in case of emergencies. A first aid kit and tool kit should be carried by at least one rider in the group as well as anything else deemed necessary for the group ride. 

  • Learn Hand Signals - Each motorcyclist should learn all hand signals before they obtain their motorcycle license. These hand signals will communicate with the rest of the group and let them know what the motorcyclist is planning on doing. Hand signals are used to signal the need for a fuel stop, hazards on the road, slowing down, speeding up, and passing other vehicles. 

  • Conduct A Pre-Ride Meeting - It’s important to hold a pre-ride meeting to ensure that every rider is on the same page, and knows what the ride will entail. They should also discuss a ride strategy, stop locations, as well as the length of the ride. Rider experience should also be discussed so that those with less experience can be monitored.

  • Smaller Group Sizes - It’s recommended that each group of motorcyclists be less than 7 riders. If the group has more than 7 riders, they should create smaller subgroups. 

  • Stagger Riders - While most motorcycle groups want to be relatively tight to ensure everyone stays together, they should also make sure everyone has enough room to safely maneuver in the event another rider needs to swerve or brake. When riding on curvy roads or with poor visibility, the group should ride in a single file line to ensure safety. In situations with normal road and weather conditions, the leader should ride on the left side of the lane to create a staggered formation. Once the first rider has positioned themselves in the right lane, the second rider should follow behind them. 

  • Create A Separation Plan - In the event that a rider is separated from the group, they should have a separation plan in place. This should be discussed before the ride to determine where to meet in the event someone is separated. If a rider is only a short distance away, the group should slow down and allow them to catch up with the group again. 

  • Be Aware Of Each Other - Every rider in the group should check their mirrors periodically to ensure that no one was left behind. They should also be cognizant of any hand signals the leader of the group is making. Additionally, being aware of the motorcyclists in front of and behind the rider is essential to avoiding an accident. 

  • Take Breaks - When going for a long ride, it’s essential to plan for breaks to rest and eat. This will minimize the feeling of fatigue while on the road as well as numbness that may occur in the legs or hands. 

Contact A Myrtle Beach Motorcycle Accident Lawyer 

Everyone who attends Myrtle Beach Bike Week wants to practice proper safety protocol, however, there are accidents that cannot be prevented. Sometimes these accidents result in serious injuries or even death. Motorcycle accident victims may qualify for medical bills compensation, as well as other damages. To ensure your interests are protected, you should contact a Myrtle Beach motorcycle accident lawyer with extensive experience in dealing with these types of cases. In addition, you should file a police report right away. 

An experienced Myrtle Beach motorcycle accident attorney is knowledgeable about the laws surrounding motorcycles and accidents that occur with them involved. Furthermore, they will hold insurance companies accountable for the full amount of money owed to you, in addition to fighting for your rights. A claim can be filed if you suffer an injury directly caused by negligence on the part of another person. Also, an experienced motorcycle accident attorney will seek compensation for motorcycle repairs or replacements that are not covered by your personal insurance. 

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